Deployment of Binning Outcomes in Production

In my previous post (, I’ve shown different monotonic binning algorithm that I developed over time. However, these binning functions are all useless without a deployment vehicle in production. During the weekend, I finally had time to draft a R function
( that can be used to deploy the binning outcome and to apply the WoE transformation to the attribute from an input data frame.

Below is a complete example showing how to apply the binning function mono_bin() to an attribute named “ltv” in the data frame, generate the binning specification, and then deploy the binning logic to calculate the WoE transformation of “ltv”. There are two objects returned from the calc_woe.R() function, the original data frame with an new column named “woe.ltv” and a summary table showing the population stability index (PSI) of the input attribute “ltv”.

While all are welcome to use my R codes and functions for your own purposes, I greatly appreciate it if you could reference the work and acknowledge my efforts.